Fund a Project

God is richly blessing the work He started, here in Mombasa, Kenya. Through New Hope School, many children are being fed, educated and hearing the Gospel. Although we have seen many blessings here, New Hope has a lot of financial burdens, that if met, will allow more lives to be touched. If you are looking for a way to share the blessings God has given you, please consider donating to this work. 


Construction Projects

A few years ago, construction was started on the school, to add more classrooms and to build a large meeting hall for holding Sunday services. Though it is not completely finished, the building is in use and many from the school and community hear the Gospel preached at New Hope School. The school is continually growing, so the decision was made to add two more levels onto the kindergarten building. Much work is still left to be done. Our prayer is that the building will be finished  for the start of the school year, in January. The expansion of the building will allow the school to have more classrooms and a library. This is currently the biggest need at New Hope. 



The New Hope feeding program provides breakfast and lunch, to children at New Hope School. Breakfast is bread and tea, mixed with milk. For lunch, children are typically served rice and beans or corn and beans. Meals are sometimes provided on Sunday's, for children that attend church. During break, students are invited to come to school on Tuesday's and Thursday's to spend the day singing, playing games, listening to preaching, participating in Bible lessons and eating a meal. Money donated to this project will go to providing meals to students in need. Click here for Christmas options related to this need.



New Hope School is without a library. The primary school alone, has approximately 700 students. We have partnered with Rotary Club International to have donated books given to New Hope School. We are in the process of building a library at the school. Funds are needed to provide Kenyan textbooks for teachers and students. Currently, there are not any classroom sets of textbooks at the school. The lack of educational resources cause student learning to be limited to taking notes from their teacher, on a chalkboard. Click here for options to bless New Hope School, with textbooks, this Christmas.



It is not yet time to begin construction plans for an orphanage, but we are asking for your prayers. Sarah Olonde and I both feel very strongly that it is the Lord's will for there to be an orphanage at New Hope School. I do not know when this time will come, but I do know that it will only be possible by the Lord's provision. An orphanage is not like a typical construction projection that requires one set amount of money. An orphanage needs continual support and a route for sustainability, to provide for the needs of the children that the orphanage will take in. I can assure you that if an orphanage were here, it would be full of children that are hungry for a warm meal and God's love. Please keep this cause in your prayers.

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A donation made to New Hope Fund, that is not designated to help a specific need may help a variety of projects and needs. Often general donations will support whatever is the most current need. This may be providing children with uniforms, helping finish construction projects, purchasing supplies for the school, or contributing to long-term projects that take time to save for.